If you just didn’t like the biggie Galaxy S5 Mini and opted for the Mini version of it, you’d be glad to know that your Mini version can also be rooted, and the credit for the same goes to our beloved  – CF-Root.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini has been rooted using CF-Root which flashes a file using Odin to unlock access to the root directory on the phone. Since you already have this phone, it is time to get the most out of it by rooting it.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Here’s the guide to teach you how you can root your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini with the model number SM-G800H:

Files You Need

  1. You must have a computer that runs Windows in order to do this tutorial as the tool that you are going to use is Windows only.
  2. Make sure that you have installed proper Samsung USB drivers on your computer. Without them your computer will not be able to recognize your phone.
  3. This should flash CF-Root files to gain root access on your Galaxy S5 Mini.
  4. Download CF-Root to your computer. It will be flashed on your phone.
  5. Download Odin to your computer. It will help you flash the aforementioned file on your phone.
  6. You should only try this on a SM-G800H phone. Trying on other phones will result in bricking the phone.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini (SM-G800H)

  1. First, you need to extract files from Odin and CF-Root over to your computer. To do that, right-click on both of these archives one by one and select Extract here to extract files.
  2. Once the files are extracted, double-click on Odin executable and it should launch.
  3. In the Odin tool, click on the button that says PDA and it will let you select a file to be flashed on your phone. Select the CF-Root file that you downloaded earlier to be flashed on your phone.
  4. Uncheck the option that says Repartition in the Odin.
  5. Checkmark both the options that say Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time in the Odin.
  6. Turn off your phone.
  7. Turn your phone back on in download mode so that the Odin recognizes it. To do that, hold down Volume DOWN, Home, and Power buttons simultaneously for a couple of seconds.
  8. Hit Volume UP when a warning message appears on your screen, and you should be in download mode.
  9. Plug in your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  10. Odin should recognize your phone and should show it on its interface. Click on Start in the Odin and it should start flashing CF-Root on your phone.
  11. Wait for the Odin to flash CF-Root on your phone. It should not take too long as the file is quite small.
  12. When Odin’s done flashing CF-Root, your phone should automatically reboot.
  13. You should now be rooted!

And there you go!

Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini with the model number SM-G800H has been successfully rooted and equipped with the SuperSU app to help you provide SU permissions to various root-requiring apps on your phone.

So here begins your journey to the world of customizations. Go grab as much of those fancy things for your phone as you can, but be cautious as overdoing things may brick your phone and you will not be able to restore it back to the stock. So, play safe and have fun!

Head to our how to install a custom recovery on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini (SM-G800H) tutorial to learn how you can flash a custom recovery on your phone.

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