There are heaps of cool apps you can install on your tooted Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone. You might want to start with the 3C Toolbox once you finish the guide. The 3C Toolbox is one of the best apps you can get on your rooted Samsung Galaxy J5 device.

It is a bundle of all the best apps put together. Having root access on the J5 means you can install all of the apps that rely on having that root access to the root file system. The 3C Toolbox is a Toolbox with most of those great apps inside. You can find the link for that app at the end of the post.

Samsung Galaxy J5

The Files You Need

  1. You must unlock the Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone bootloader before applying these steps or else you will brick the device. You cannot root the J5 with any of Chainfire’s tools with the bootloader locked.
  2. Download the Samsung Galaxy J5 rooting file you need from this page.
  3. Download the Samsung Galaxy USB Drivers from the Samsung Developers page. Alternatively, download the universal ADB drivers by ClockworkMod recovery.
  4. Download the Odin flashing tool — we recommend one of the latest versions.
  5. You must have a Windows PC to complete these steps. You cannot use the Odin tool using Ubuntu or any other type of Linux operating system that many Android fans like to use. Additionally, you cannot use Max OS X operating systems.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500HDS) on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

  1. Download the Odin flashing tool and the CF-Root package to the computer directly and then drag the two files over to the desktop.
  2. By default, you should find the two files have downloaded to the Downloads folder on your Windows operating system Open the Downloads folder and you will find them.
  3. Once you have the two files on the desktop, right-click the files and select the “extract here” option from the menu.
  4. On your phone, press the Power button once and select Switch Off from the Device Options menu.
  5. Reboot your J5 device by holding the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons together.
  6. Connect your Galaxy J5 to the computer once you know it’s in the download mode. You might need to press the Volume Up button before that is complete. Look on your devices display for the instructions.
  7. Once connected to the computer, the Odin user-interface should detect your device by changing the color of your ID: COM port and showing you the “added!” message. if you do not see those two things, the Samsung USB Drivers are likely not working.
  8. Download the Samsung USB Drivers again or reboot the computer and try again. Sometimes the drivers need a reboot. Once you see the color in the ID: COM port you can eliminate the drivers as a potential problem. All other problems point toward trying a different Odin version.
  9. Click the AP button or the PDA button and browse the desktop for the CF-Root file.
  10. Click the Start button and the Odin flashing tool will flash that CF-Root exploit on your device.
  11. Do not unplug the device from the computer. It can take up to 15 minutes to complete. You know it’s done when you get a pass message in the Odin user-interface message box and your J5 device reboots.
  12. Once it reboots, we recommend installing the root checker app to check it worked. After that you can install any rooted apps like the 3C Toolbox.
  13. Download the 3C Toolbox from the Google Play Store from this link: 3C Toolbox.