MetroPCS might not give the coverage like the ‘Big Red’ does around the United States of America, but they have their parts where they perform well. If you are a MetroPCS subscriber, one handset definitely worth buying is the Samsung galaxy Core.

If you don’t want to spend big on something like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Note 5, the galaxy Core is a great option to take. What’s more, it’s a fantastic choice if you plan on tinkering with the operating system. It isn’t a high-end device so the price stays relatively low, it is popular enough to have some custom ROM worth a look and stock ROMS are easy to find if you need to unbrick the Galaxy Core.

Samsung Galaxy Core

The Files You Need

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Core (MetroPCS)

  1. Download the SuperSU file directly to the desktop of the computer.
    – do not unzip/extract the file this time. We need to upload it zipped and the custom recovery will do the rest of us.
  2. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Core to the computer where you have the SuperSU.
  3. Transfer the SuperSU over to the Samsung Galaxy Core’s internal storage (SD card).
  4. Once you have copied and pasted the SuperSU to the internal SD card, unplug the smartphone from the computer.
  5. Completely power off and reboot the Samsung Galaxy Core in the custom recovery. press the Volume Up + Home + Power to enter the custom recovery mode.
  6. Once you are confident you are in the TWRP recovery, navigate to the “Install” from the menu.
  7. Now browse the SD card and upload the SuperSU.
  8. Confirm to install the SuperSU.
  9. Head back to the main recovery menu.
  10. Choose to reboot the system now from the main recovery menu.

Same yourself some time by installing the root checker app from the Google Play Store. Once it tells you that you do indeed have the root access, it’s time to start installing the root-requiring app. Furthermore, you might be interested in checking out some Samsung Galaxy Core ROMs.