Do you want to download and install those wonderful root-requiring apps from the Google Play Store on the T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy Avant? Or perhaps installing a custom ROM sounds great to you.

For those wanting a custom ROM, installing a custom ROM is a must to flash Z zip file. You can read how to install a custom ROM on the Samsung Galaxy Avant here. However, this post will teach you how to root the Samsung Galaxy Avant for T-Mobile subscribers.

Samsung Galaxy Avant

The Files You Need

  • Download the rooting package to the desktop of your computer.
  • The above file comes with Odin after you unzip the file. However, if you need a different Odin version, try using our pages here.
  • Download the Samsung Galaxy USB Drivers to the Windows PC. Those of you not finding the guide working should try rebooting the computer,. letting the Samsung drivers load before trying the guide again.
  • You must use a Windows PC for this guide. Furthermore, you must follow the guide on the SM-G386T model number only. Check the model number of your device by heading to the Settings > About Device menu. You’ll see the model number on the page.

Rooting the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Avant SM-G386T

  1. Unzip the rooting file and you should see the Odin tool and the rooting tool.
  2. Click and open the Odin tool so it’s running and waiting on the computer.
  3. Do this with the phone turned off first: Boot the Galaxy Avant in download mode by holding the Power + Volume Down + Home buttons at the same time and keep them in for 5-8 seconds.
  4. Now press the Volume Up key if you get to the yellow warning screen.
  5. Connect the Galaxy Avant to the Windows computer with the USB cable. That’s the same computer that has the files you downloaded earlier.
  6. Click the PDA or AP button in Odin, depending on what version of Odin you are using. You will see one of the two options.
  7. Upload the rooting file.
  8. Leave the default Settings as they are: Auto Reboot and F reset Time options on, and the re-partition box left empty.
  9. Click the Start button in Odin and the tool will now flash your device with the rooting file. Your device is about to have the system internals hacked open.
  10. Disconnect the Galaxy Avant after you get the “pass” message on the display.

Now you are ready for installing your custom ROM. Furthermore, those of you with second thought or an unstable ROM might prefer unrooting the Samsung Galaxy Avant (T-Mobile) and returning the device back to stock.