Flash-a-holics would definitely want to root their OnePlus Two smartphone to gain access to a number of custom tools that are only available for rooted phones. Things like custom ROMs, custom kernels, overclocking CPU can only be used when you have root-access on your phone.

Fortunately, root is available for the OnePlus Two along with a custom recovery. That means, you’re getting the full package to be able to flash custom files on your phone.

OnePlus Two

So without further ado, here’s how to root your OnePlus Two:

The Files You Need

  1. The bootloader on your phone must be unlocked before you can do this tutorial. Please head to our bootloader unlock guide for the OnePlus Two to learn how you can do that.
  2. Your phone must have a custom recovery before you can do this. Please head to our how to flash a custom recovery on the OnePlus Two tutorial to learn how you can get a custom recovery up and running on your phone.
  3. You do not need to have a computer to do this tutorial as you can just directly download the required file on your phone and flash it using a custom recovery. The tutorial, however, includes steps for a computer.
  4. Download SuperSU to your computer. This is the file that you will flash on your phone to achieve root-access.

Rooting the OnePlus Two

  1. Make sure that you have not extracted SuperSU .zip file. It has to be in .zip format.
  2. Connect your OnePlus Two to your computer via a USB cable. Ensure that your phone is in data transfer mode.
  3. Copy SuperSU from your computer over to the internal SD card storage on your phone. Place it on the top so that you can find it easily in the following steps.
  4. When SuperSU is copied, unplug your phone from your computer.
  5. Turn off your OnePlus Two using the power button.
  6. Turn your phone back on in TWRP Recovery mode. To do that, hold down Volume DOWN and Power buttons together for a couple of seconds.
  7. You will see the bootloader menu on your screen. Select the Recovery option to reboot your phone into recovery mode.
  8. You should enter TWRP Recovery mode on your phone.
  9. When you are in recovery mode, tap on Install as that is the option that allows you to install custom files on your phone.
  10. Navigate to the internal SD card storage on your phone where SuperSU is located. Tap on the SuperSU .zip file to select it for flashing.
  11. Tap on Swipe to Confirm Flash in the recovery menu to allow it to flash that file on your phone.
  12. Wait for TWRP to install SuperSU on your phone.
  13. When it’s done flashing SuperSU, reboot your phone by choosing Reboot followed by System.
  14. Your phone should reboot into normal mode.
  15. You now have root access on your phone!

You are all set.

Your OnePlus Two is now rooted, has a custom recovery, and is ready to be flashed with a custom ROM.

Let us know how this tutorial worked for you.

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