Rooting the Motorola Moto X Style is how you run those root-requiring apps from the Google Play Store. The guide we are using installs SuperSU via a custom recovery and therefore, you must have installed a custom recovery before getting root access.

We have the guide you need to install the recovery. Before you install a custom recovery or get root access, you must unlock the bootloader. Without the bootloader unlocked, we cannot perform any of these custom operations.

Motorola Moto X Style

The Files You Need

  • You must first install a custom recovery on the Motorola Moto X Style.
  • Download the SuperSU from this page.
  • Take a NANDroid backup from the custom recovery menu by tapping the ‘backup’ button. Store the data, cache, system and all other files with the backup. Now if you need to restore the device through the recovery mode, you can. That makes the rooting guide less critical.
  • You can use any computer to complete this guide; it doesn’t need to be a Windows PC. However, you do need to start the transfer using a computer.

Rooting The Motorola Moto X Style

  1. Download the SuperSU to the computer.
  2. After the file finishes downloading above the taskbar, click the right side of the file where you can see a small arrow.
  3. Choose the ‘show in folder’ option.
  4. Now click and drag that SuperSU file from the folder over to the desktop.
  5. Do not extract the folder. Leave the SuperSU zipped.
  6. Connect the Motorola Moto X Style to the computer with the USB cable.
  7. Copy and Paste that SuperSu zip file over to the internal storage SD card on the Motorola Moto X Style.
  8. Unplug the Moto S Style from the computer.
  9. Reboot the Moto X Style in recovery mode. That’s the custom recovery you just installed.
  10. Tap the install button once you are in the recovery mode.
  11. Browse the SD card for the SuperSU rooting file.
  12. Swipe to confirm you want to install that same SuperSU file on the screen.
  13. Great; now the SuperSU is flashed on your device and you technically have root access. However, you still need to reboot the device before you can take advantage.
  14. Navigate back to the main recovery menu and choose the reboot button.