Root has arrived for the AT&T variant of the LG G4 and the guide below should walk you through the whole procedure so you can have yours rooted, too.

Once your LG G4 from AT&T is rooted, you will be able to run root-requiring apps on it. Not only is it just apps that you can run, but you’ll also have the chance to flash a custom recovery on your device for you to then enjoy various custom ROMs on your device. All it comes with root, so here’s how to root your LG G4:


Files You Need

1. You must have a Windows based computer to do this tutorial.

2. You should have LG USB drivers installed on your computer. If you don’t, install them first.

3. Download LG Root to your computer. It contains the files that you need to root your LG G4.

4. Download Pre-rooted Image to your computer. It is the rooted image file that will be flashed on your device.

Rooting the LG G4 (AT&T)

1. Extract files from both LG Root and Pre-rooted Image to your computer by right-clicking on each of them and selecting Extract here.

2. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure your phone is in data transfer mode.

3. Copy Pre-rooted Image (with .img extension) from your computer over to the internal SD card storage on your device.

4. Head to Menu->Settings->About phone on your device and tap on Build number for 7-8 times and it’ll say you’re a developer.

5. Head to Menu->Settings->Developer options and turn on USB debugging.

6. Open the folder where you have extracted the LG Root files. Once in there, hold down Shift on your keyboard and right-click anywhere on your screen and select Open command window here.

7. Unplug and turn off your device.

8. Hold down Volume UP and plug in your device to your computer.

9. Wait for it to install the required drivers on your computer.

10. Your phone should now be in download mode.

11. You now need to find out the COM port that your phone is attached to. To do that, double-click on ports.bat file and it’ll tell you your COM port number.

12. Double-click on Send_Command.exe to launch it.

13. Type in the following command into the newly opened window and hit Enter:


14. Type in the following command and press Enter:

dd if=/data/media/0/system.rooted.h81010g.img bs=8192 seek=65536 count=579584 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0

15. A # sign will appear on your screen indicating that the process has been finished.

16. Type in the following command to reboot your device:


17. Your device should reboot.

18. You’re now rooted!

Awesome! Your AT&T variant of the LG G4 is now rooted. Of course, it’s time for a celebration as you have rooted a device that was almost impossible to root!

Now that you’re rooted, you can load up your device with your favorite root-requiring apps. You can find these apps on the Google Play store.

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