The Towelroot app is one of the few infamous one-click rooting apps and is easily separated from the rest thanks to its unique red lambda symbol. The beauty of Towelroot is that it genuinely does not need a computer at all. All you need to do is install the APK file directly from your web browser and save it to your LG G Flex smartphone.

The Towelroot one-click rooting application was originally made by GeoHot for the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, but we later understood to root many more devices. The eventual realization of how large the exploit was shocked everyone, including the man who found it — GeoHot. It lead to a quick software update roll out for all devices affected, and that same update patched the exploit for good. However, you can always downgrade your operating system to the Android version that was exposed (before June 3 2014) and get the Towelroot exploit working with your device.


Here is the guide that gets Towelroot working on the LG G Flex smartphone running Android 4.4.2 KitKat:

Files You Need

  • You need to visit the official Towelroot website during the guide. You can find that page from here:
  • You are voiding any remaining warranty on the LG G Flex smartphone by following this guide to root it with the one-click rooting application. You need to somehow unroot the G Flex by flashing the stock ROM back on the device to get the warranty working again. The Towlroot website does not give any unroot solutions for any device.

Rooting the LG G Flex running Android 4.4.2 KitKat

  1. Start by turning on the G Flex’s Unknown Sources option from the Settings by tapping on the Menu > Settings > Unknown Sources. Now you can install apps like the Towelroot app which are coming in from outside the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the Google Chrome browser on the G Flex smartphone and pin in the Towelroot homepage you can find from the files section above.
  3. Save the APK file to your G Flex device.
  4. Pull down your notification shade and tap over the download complete notification.
  5. Tap on the install option on the display.
  6. Swipe down the notification shade again and tap on the installation complete notification.
  7. Tap on the button that says “make it ra1n” and the LG G Flex is now being rooted by the app.
  8. Open the Google Play Store and install the SuperSU app.
  9. Open the SuperSU app and agree to update the SU binary.
  10. Open the Play Store and install any of the root checker apps you can see from the list.

Open the root checker app from the app drawer and follow the prompts to check if the guide did work for your G Flex device.