There are many great rooted apps you can install on the Lenovo IdeaTab 2107A after you complete this guide. One of the apps you might want to check out is the DriveDroid app. The DriveDroid app lets you host the Linux operating system on your Lenovo IdeaTab and connect it to the Windows PC to have the Linux booted when you need it running.


Files You Need

  1. Download the Towelroot app you need from the official website:
  2. You are voiding the Lenovo warranty by rooting the IdeaTab. You can only get that warranty working again by unrooting the same device. There is no unrooting tool that comes along with the Towelroot package, so you’ll need to find a lenovo Ideatab stock ROM and learn how to flash the same on your device. A stock ROM is usually specific to the model number, so make sure you check what stock ROM you are installing to avoid any boot loops or soft-brick situations.

Rooting the Lenovo IdeaTab 2107A

  1. You need to enable the Unknown Sources option from your IdeaTab settings. You can find that by pointing the IdeaTab to the Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  2. Tap over the red Lambda symbol and your Towelroot app will download.
  3. Save the tr.apk file to your IdeaTab device.
  4. Pull down the notification shade on your IdeaTab and tap on the Download Complete notification.
  5. Tap on the Install option from the display.
  6. Pull down your IdeaTab notification shade once again and tap on the Installation Complete notification.
  7. Tap on the Make it Ra1n button and wait for the Towelroot application to finish rooting your device.
  8. Once complete, you should see a notification telling you that the device does not need rebooting and you can start using the device rooted right away.
  9. Before you do anything, open the Google Play Store app and install the SuperSU app by Chainfire.
  10. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the SuperSU installation and agree to update any SU binaries.

You can choose to open the Google Play Store again and install the Root Checker application just to double-check the guide did work for your device. Any unsuccessful attempts to root the Lenovo IdeaTab 2107A are likely due to the fact that the device us running firmware newer than the recommended version. Try downgrading the OS to an earlier version of Android KitKat and see how it goes.

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