The Karbonn Machfive is a new device without any official XDA Developers thread for a working rooting method. We did, however, find people who have successfully installed a custom recovery on the Machfive smartphone and it requires root access to get the recovery working with Mobile Uncle Tools. After more investigating, we found out that any of the latest versions of the KingRoot tool will root your Machfive device easily — and you can do it all without a PC.

The steps we are showing you today will root the Machfive using a PC; however, you can just install the APK file directly from your browser and root the Machfive without a PC that way.

Karbonn Machfive

Files You Need

  1. Download the latest version of the universal one click rooting tool: KingRoot version 4.1 from here.
  2. You can install a custom recovery on the Karbonn Machfive after you complete the steps to rooting the device. You can click through to read our guide on the CWM recovery via Mobile Uncle Tools.
  3. You are voiding the warranty by following this guide. You can unroot the device and get the warranty working again. Unrooting is done by removing the KingUser from the same app. You will see the Uninstall button from within the KingRoot app.

Rooting the Karbonn Machfive without a PC

  1. Download the KingRoot APK from the link above and have it on the desktop.
  2. Connect the Karbonn Machfive to the computer using the USB cable you normally have for charging the battery.
  3. Copy the KingRoot APK over to the internal storage SD card.
  4. Unplug your Mach device from the computer once you have it on the SD card.
  5. Launch one of your File Managers and install the universal one click rooting software on your device so it turns into an app that is available from your app drawer.
  6. Navigate over to the app drawer and open the KingRoot application.
  7. Tap on the ‘Get Root’ button.
  8. Watch as the Chinese software pings back its own servers and gives your device the correct rooting method to unchain the system internals.
  9. Watch as the progress bar on your display eventually reaches 100% and the app gives you a success message letting you know that it did pass.
  10. Exit the KingRoot application and reboot the device by tapping the Power button and then choosing the option to restart the smartphone.

Now you can open the Google Play Store and install the basic root checker app to make sure it did work. Since your device is now rooted you have two choices: start installing the apps from the Google Play Store that need root access to run or think about installing a custom recovery. We already have the guide that teaches you how to install a custom recovery on the Karbonn Machfive using the Mobile Uncle Tools. You can find it available from the files section above.