Not having root access on a device is what is considered normal because that’s how our Android devices come out of the box. the reason manufacturers like Huawei do that is it’s safer for the average user. If you have been using Android for a while now and wish to take things to another level, you should consider rooting your device. Once you are an advanced Android user, you can follow the guide like we have below for rooting the Huawei Fusion 2 and give access to the root file system. that’s the same file system many apps from the Google Play Store need access to run. You might remember browsing the Google Play Store and finding a really neat app except it said “root required” in the description. That means without root access it will not work. Once you get root access using a guide like below, you can start installing all of those apps that require root access on the Google Play Store.

Huawei Fusion 2 AT&T

The Files You Need

  1. Download the rooting bundle from this Android Forums link.
  2. These are the steps to root the Huawei Fusion 2 AT&T. You are voiding any warranty you had left by following this guide. Furthermore, you may only follow this guide if you are using a Windows PC.
  3. You will not get the guide working for some versions of Windows running on the Microsoft Surface tablets as they run a unique operating system called Windows RT. Windows RT only installs apps from the Windows App Store.

Rooting the Huawei Fusion 2 AT&T

  1. Hold the Power button down on the Fusion 2 smartphone for roughly 8-10 seconds until it is off.
  2. Transfer the file above over to the desktop of the Windows PC.
  3. Extract the bundle by right-clicking over the file and selecting the ‘extract here’ option.
  4. Reboot the Huawei Fusion 2 in Fastboot Mode by pressing the Power + Volume Down for a further 10 seconds before letting go.
  5. Double-click the Run Me.bat on the desktop.
  6. Type this command in the command line from that box: fastboot devices.
  7. Type the next command: fastboot flash recovery recovery.superrecovery.img
  8. You now have a custom recovery flashed on your device. That recovery should also grant your device root access.
  9. Disconnect the Fusion 2 from the computer and turn the device completely off.
  10. Once you reboot it again, take control of your Google account and head over to the Google Play Store where you can start installing new root-requiring applications.

You might want to start with the root checker app. The root checker app doesn’t require root access, although it will check if the guide above worked for you. That will make it easier eliminating potential problems you have next.

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