Rooting the Huawei MediaPad 10 Link is the only way to use it to its fullest potential. You might want to increase the MediaPad performance, increase the battery life, overclock the CPU so it’s faster, use a free WiFi hotspot or many other options. There are at least 100 more apps that are available and have nothing to do with anything I just mentioned. You’ll find many more apps that are just useful to have on your MediaPad for day-to-day life.

Huawei MediaPad 10 Link

The Files You Need

  1. Download the VRoot bundle to the desktop from this page.
  2. These are the steps to root the Huawei MediaPad 10 Link S10-201u. You must have that same model number to follow this guide. Furthermore, you can only follow this guide using a Windows PC. It does not work on a Mac because the file doesn’t work on anything but Windows.
  3. Correspondingly, you are voiding the warranty by completing this guide. The warranty will work again once you follow the guide to unroot the same device later.

How to Root the Huawei MediaPad 10 Link

  1. Make sure you have the USB Debugging Mode enabled on the device. Do that now by heading over to the Apps > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging. Just check the box if it is empty. Now you will have no worries connecting it to the computer.
  2. Download the VRoot tool to the desktop of the PC. Right-click over the file and extract it if it needs extracting.
  3. Run the Vroot tool by double-clicking over the file.
  4. Connect the MediaPad to the computer using the USB cable.
  5. Click the rooting tool and it will now proceed to root your device.
  6. Wait until it is complete before disconnecting from the computer.
  7. There; you now have root access on the MediaPad so there is nothing in your way from installing all of the apps that require root access you can find on the Google Play Store.
  8. One app that doesn’t require root access but you might want to install is the root checker app. By installing the root checker app you are making it easier to know if your device is rooted or not. That will make it easier to tell what is wrong if you have a problem later.
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