Gionee comes up with a new Android smartphone every now and then, and this time we have the Gionee Marathon M3. As the name sounds, it’s a phone that runs at the marathon rate and helps you be more productive with the wide range of Android apps that it can be installed with.

One of the things that stops you from taking the full advantage of your device is the root limitations set by your manufacturer. When you unlock these limitations, you get full access to the system files on your device. And that means you can then install the widely popular root-requiring apps, flash custom recoveries, and do a lot of things on your device that you haven’t been able to do yet.

Gionee Marathon

So, here’s how you can go about rooting your Gionee Marathon M3:

Files You Need

1. Download the iRoot rooting tool that roots a number of Android devices. It should be able to root your Gionee Marathon M3 as well.

2. Download and install the Gionee USB drivers on your computer. It’ll help your computer to recognize your Gionee device.

Rooting the Gionee Marathon M3

1. Double-click on the iRoot setup file and follow the on-screen installation instructions. It should install the tool on your computer.

2. The second step is to enable the USB debugging option on your device. To do that, launch Menu on your device and tap on Settings. Then, scroll all the way down to Developer options and tap on it. Checkmark the box that says USB debugging.

3. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.

4. A shortcut for the iRoot tool should be created on your desktop. Double-click on it and the tool will launch.

5. Click on Root in the tool and wait for it to root your device.

6. When it’s done, it should tell you that your device is now rooted.

7. You’re done!

It wasn’t that difficult to root your Gionee Marathon M3, was it?

Since you now have root on your device, you can go ahead and install your favorite root-requiring apps on your device. All of these apps should work fine as you do have the SuperSU app to manage root permissions for these apps.

If you the root-requiring apps don’t satisfy your needs, you may want to install a custom recovery on your Gionee Marathan M3 that will let you flash a custom ROM on your device. Follow our guide on the same and you should have a custom recovery on your device.

Rooting the Gionee Marathon M3 and installing a custom recovery on the same smartphone and both what is to be considered as customizing the mobile experience. However, they are also referring to two different things that don’t have much to do with one another. You don’t need to install a custom recovery just because you have root access. Moreover, you don’t need to have a rooted device if you plan on installing a custom ROM most of the time.

People install custom recoveries so they can install custom ROMs or custom kernels. People root Android so they can install the root applications that need you to have root access before they can run.

One of the root apps that you can install now on the Gionee Marathon M3 Smartphone is the Xposed Gel Settings that works with the Xposed Installer. The Xposed Gel Settings is the best way to get rid of the things that appear on your Android home screen that you no longer want such as the Google Search Bar.

Most root apps are available from the Google Play Store. A few of them are not like the Xposed Framework and Xposed modules. The Viper4Android music enhancer app is another one that is not available from Google Play. However, most of the rest are, and you need to know the names of the apps before you can find them because the Google Play Store does not offer any front page or feature page that showcases root app like it does regular stock apps that are currently trending. We help you with that by having created a post that showcases what we thin are many of the best root applications to run on your Android that now has the root access to the internal system.