A custom recovery is useful in many ways. It lets you flash a custom ROM on your device and it also helps you restore your entire system image to your device. It even works when your phone has become unresponsive, so you can resurrect it and make it come alive once again.

The Gionee Marathon M3 is blessed with a really great custom recovery that helps its users do all of the aforementioned tasks on their devices. If you’re curious to know how you can get this recovery installed on your device, our guide below should help you:

Gionee Marathon M3


Files You Need

1. Download the Custom Recovery Image for your Gionee Marathon M3 to your computer. It is the file that you’ll flash on your device.

2. Keep in mind that this will replace the stock recovery on your device. You wouldn’t be able to access the stock recovery anymore, however, a custom recovery provides equal functions and sometimes even more features to help you with your recovery tasks.

3. Your device must be rooted before you can install a custom recovery. Don’t worry, we already have a guide that teaches how you can gain root-access on your Gionee Marathon M3. Just follow it and get your device rooted in no time.

Installing a Custom Recovery on the Gionee Marathon M3

1. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.

2. Copy the Custom Recovery Image from your computer over to the SD card storage on your phone.

3. When the recovery image is copied, unplug your phone from your computer.

4. Download and install the Flashify app from the Google Play store on your device. It’s a free app.

5. When the app is installed, launch it from the Menu on your phone.

6. Tap on Recovery image in the app and it will let you select a recovery image to be flashed on your phone.

7. On the next screen, tap on Choose a file and you will be allowed to choose a recovery file that will be flashed on your phone. Choose the file that you copied earlier to your device.

8. A prompt will appear asking if you really want to flash the recovery on your device. Hit Yup! and it will begin flashing it on your device.

9. When it’s done, reboot your device.

10. You’re done.

The job is done.

A custom recovery has been successfully installed on your Gionee Marathon M3 and it should let you flash a custom ROM and a custom kernel on your device. To boot up into the newly installed recovery, get the Quick Boot app on your device and tap on the Recovery option. Enjoy!