So, after unlocking the bootloader and flashing a custom recovery, here comes root-access for the Alcatel One Touch Idol 3. This is the last step that you need to do in order to install root-requiring apps and flash a custom ROM on your phone.

Once you’ve gained root-access on your phone, you should be able to utilize it to flash a custom ROM – a customized version of the Android OS – on your phone that brings with it a number of tweaks and improvements that stock¬†ROM users just never get to see. Not only is that, but rooting has many benefits and the guide given here explains it very well.

Alcatel One Touch Idol 3

So, here’s how you can root your Alcatel One Touch Idol 3:

Files You Need

  1. Your bootloader must be unlocked before you can do this tutorial. You can use the guide given here to unlock the bootloader on your phone.
  2. You must have a custom recovery installed on your phone. If you don’t have one, please use the guide given at this link to flash one on your phone.
  3. You need a Windows running computer to do this tutorial.
  4. Download ADB to your computer. You’ll use it to reboot your phone into recovery mode.
  5. Download SuperSU to your computer. Don’t extract it, leave it as is. It’ll root your phone.

Rooting the Alcatel One Touch Idol 3

  1. Right-click on ADB and select Extract here to extract the zipped files.
  2. Head to Menu->Settings->About phone on your phone and tap on Build number for 7-8 times until it says you’re a developer.
  3. Head back to Settings and tap on Developer options followed by USB debugging. It should enable the USB debugging option on your phone.
  4. Plug in your phone to your computer via a USB cable.
  5. Copy SuperSU .zip from your computer over to the internal SD card storage on your phone.
  6. Launch a CMD window in the folder where ADB files are extracted. To do that, hold down Shift and right-click on your screen and select Open command window here.
  7. Type in the following command into the CMD window and press Enter:
    adb reboot recovery
  8. Your phone should reboot into recovery mode.
  9. Once in recovery, tap on Install.
  10. Select SuperSU .zip to be installed on your phone.
  11. Tap on Swipe to Confirm Flash to confirm flashing of SuperSU on your phone.
  12. Wait for it to flash SuperSU on your phone.
  13. When it’s done flashing, reboot your phone by selecting Reboot followed by System.
  14. Your phone should reboot normally.
  15. You’re done!

You’re now rooted.

Your Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 is now rooted, and it’s time for you to load it up with some of the apps that can help you customize your phone and maybe improve the performance on your beloved Idol 3. Enjoy!

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