Fabulous extraordinaire hacker Dan Rosenberg has found a way to root the Logitech Revue version of the Google TV,without making any hardware modifications at all. Something that up until now has been impossible. The new way to do it is of course through software (and software only) which is great for everyone. However, caution when preceding because the root isn’t exactly for the faint hearted.

Instead of a step by step guide normally carried out by Ed, this one just comes via the video clip above. Dan the hacker acknowledges that performing this root is a risky one. If not done correctly it can corrupt your device. It’s also far from an easy typical root, so don’t ignore our warnings when we say proceed with caution. After saying all that, it’s probably best we didn’t give the guide in a numbered format because of the associated guilt. Now Dan can have all of that instead!

The hack performed in the clip used is NandPWN which GTVHacker explain in more detail in the video. One last time: this root is very risky and can cause permanent damage to your devices, so unless your willing to take the risk don’t attempt it.

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