Rooting the HTC Desire 526 smartphone means access to more apps. You can find most of these apps coming from the Google Play Store which are legally let there by Google. You can also install rooted APK files that sometimes are available from the official websites made by the developers of the apps. One of the best apps available for people who own a rooted HTC Desire 526 device is the Unicon application. With Unicon, you can pick your own icons and change the design of your UI on the device.

HTC Desire 526

Files You Need

  1. Download the latest version of the KingRoot APK from this XDA Developer’s page.
  2. The following guide to root HTC Desire 526 devices works for the European and Indian variants. The same universal one-click rooting tool could work for the rest soon; however, they are currently not supported at the time of writing this guide.
  3. KingRoot one-click rooting tool voids the warranty on your HTC smartphone, just like it would when you root with any other tool. Any customization of any kind — whether it be unlocking the bootloader, installing a custom recovery or rooting the device — voids the warranty. You can unroot the Desire 526 by opening the KingUser app from your app drawer and your warranty will work again.

Rooting the HTC Desire 526

  1. Download the KingRoot APK file to your computer from the files section above and move it over to the desktop.
  2. Connect the HTC Desire 526 smartphone to the computer using the USB cable.
  3. Copy the KingRoot APK file over to the root of the SD card internal storage.
  4. Unplug the Desire 526 device from the computer once you know it is on the SD card.
  5. Launch one of the File Managers you have on the device, or install one from the Google Play Store if you haven’t got one yet.
  6. Install that APK file on your 526 smartphone and you will have the KingRoot app available from tap from the app drawer along with the rest of your application.
  7. Tap and open the KingRoot app and then tap over the Root button you can see from the main front page of the app.
  8. Wait as the KingRoot universal one-click rooting tool now pings back the working rooting method from its servers and roots your device.
  9. Soon the progress bar will reach 100% and the success message will be displayed on the app.
  10. Exit the app as you normally would and reboot your HTC Desire 526 handset.
  11. Open the Google Play Store application and download the Root Checker app using your Google account.

Once you have installed the Root Checker app and checked that your device does have access to the root file system, you can start installing the root-requiring apps like the Unicon app.

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