When it comes to branding, you want a name that people can associate products with that brand — or at least that’s how it works online and picking website names. It wouldn’t be any good if I choose the name ‘pink dress’ and was writing about smartphones. With that being said, there are many companies in technology that break those general rules. You wouldn’t expect Apple to be the premier brandname with regards to smartphone in the world. Nobody has any clue what a ‘Samsung’ is and perhaps the most puzzling name of all is Huawei.

Huawei P8

Over on my side of the world, I’ve always known Huawei to be pronounced as ‘Ha-Why’ until I was having a conversation with a girl who wanted to buy the Huawei P8 and I needed to find out some information for her. As she was pronouncing the name, I had no idea what device she was talking about. The only reason I could tell was because I know what brand manufactures the P8 smartphone.

Anyway, it led to me wanting to know more about the Huawei name and how to pronounce Huawei the right way; the official way and not just the way us westerns say the name. This is an Asian manufacturer after all and the pronunciation is going to vary from what we would traditionally expect or predict a word to sound like.

It seems the guys working for Huawei and even own Huawei are all too familiar with people mispronouncing their brand. So much in fact that they have sent out a representative to walk the streets of New York and set things straight.