People often search the Internet to find out the sites from where they can make free calls. There are many sites available to make free calls, but they give a limit like 5 minutes of free calling. There are also many cheapest VOIP calls sites available, but they are cheap, not free. Here, I am going to give you a site from where you can make free calls. The site is Economy Calling. Follow the steps given below to make free calls:

Making Free Calls To Anyone In The World

Step 1: Go to Economy Calling website.

Step 2: There, you will see a message saying “Free Trial Call.” Just below that message, you will see two boxes, in the first box, fill out your Country name and your phone number, in the second box, fill the destination country and phone number you want to call. Press “submit.“

Step 3: After pressing the submit, you will see a phone number on the screen, just make a missed call (2 rings) to that phone number, and in reply, you will receive a call and your call will be connected to the destination number. That’s it!

The Economy Calling site provides about 25 minutes of Free calling, so enjoy it! Do share opinions about this free calling site !!

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