With the entry of Internet in the world, phone calls are now considered obsoleted ways of contacting people. Social Networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter has made it easy for you to keep in touch with your friends, relatives regardless of their location in the world. You can always keep connected with them, share things with them and even have video calls with them; all these things come for free by using the software created for this purpose.

Android, on the other hand, is the great operating system that comprises of all the world-class OS features. You can have amazing apps on your Android phone, which can be downloaded from the Android Market for free. Here’s the catch, there are some apps available on the Market which let you make free voice calls from your Android smartphone. You can use these free apps to talk for hours with your friends without paying a penny, and all you need to have is just the app installed on your smartphone as well as on the recipient’s smartphone. Once you have got the app on your phone, you can start making free calls. Here are the free apps that allow you to make free calls from your device.


I guess you have heard this name before if you have ever made an online call. Mainly developed for the computers, Skype is now available for smartphones as well, like iPhone, Android, and Symbian phones. Skype lets you make free text, voice and video calls and I highly recommend Skype to those who are looking for an easy way to make high-quality calls online. It provides great quality of voice as well as of video and calls never gets disconnected. It will also work great even if you are not on a 3G network and a 2G-EDGE network. You just need a single account that can be used both on your computer and on your phone, so a single ID would allow you access to Skype from multiple devices you own. With Skype, you can also make calls to the phone numbers at a low cost. It also allows you to make group chats, that’s what you need when you want to discuss something with your friends from a remote location, it’s ideal for an online meeting. Most importantly, all these features are free, and you can use them as much as you want without paying anything, so go and get Skype for your Android phone.

Download: Skype for Android


Viber is an another free calling service that you can use if you are not much familiar with Skype. Similar to Skype, Viber allows you to make free calls from your Android device to your friend and you just need the app installed on your phone. Viber is available for Android, and you can enjoy its features on your device for free. Unlike the Skype Desktop version, Viber doesn’t have something like it, and it is intended for Mobile users only. So, if you are looking for a voice call client that is specially developed for the Mobile Platform, Viber will be an excellent choice for you. You can download the Viber app using the link given below.

Download: Viber for Android

The above two free apps will certainly help you to cut down your phone bills and to talk for hours for free from your Android device.

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