All the LG G4 users out there, I have good news for them that one of the developers on XDA developer found a way to install Xposed Framework on LG G4. Now you can do some extraordinary things on your LG G4 with the Xposed installer. The Xposed installer installs some modules on your phone to customize your user experience with your device. There are lots of exposed modules available on the Internet, Google Play Store and the Xposed installer itself. Want to tell you something that this process is unofficial and may brick or voids your phone’s warranty. Now as you know the consequences you may proceed to the instructions to install Xposed installer on your LG G4.

The process I am going to tell you is not risky at all because this process will not require the installation of any custom recovery on your phone. This use process FlashFire which is a great tool to flash zip files directly from your phone, you do not have to install or boot your phone to recovery for doing all this.

Here are some precautions to take before installing Xposed installer on your phone. Your phone should be rooted at first (and you know that it is unofficial too) then you also should charge your phone to at least 50% battery so it should not go off during the process as it might brick down your device. Finally, comes the data, make sure that your data is secure by making a backup of it to your PC or any external drive.

LG G4 is a great device, the best thing I like in this device is the genuine leather back. Although the hardware is very powerful whether it is the processor or the GPU, this phone will give you best performance every time and with the Xposed installer, you can extend the phone’s performance to a higher level.I prefer you to install this Xposed installer when your warranty expires so you can easily get the benefit of your phone’s warranty without getting it void into the warranty period.

Here is a small list in which the trick is working, on devices with a model number other than this I prefer not to do this on their device.

  • LS991 (Sprint)
  • H810 (AT&T)
  • H815L
  • H815 SEA
  • H815 v10c
  • H815 v10D
  • H815T
  • H818P (Dual-SIM)
  • H812
  • VS986
  • US991 (US Cellular)

How to install Xposed Framework on the LG G4 smartphones

  1. Download Xposed framework zip from here (make sure that you save this zip file on your phone’s internal memory, not sd card).
  2. Download Xposed official installer apk from here.
  3. Install FlashFire from here ( a tool to flash zip files without recovery).
  4. Make sure that your phone is connected to any power source like wall charger or your PC.
  5. Flash Xposed framework zip file using FlashFire and let your phone do the rest, be patient your phone will not boot for about 10 to 30 minutes.
  6. After that finally, install Xposed installer apk on your phone.

Now you can download modules from within the Xposed installer or download the apk and install them on your phone. Some very useful and good modules are gravity box (to customize your device) and X halo (use multi window on your phone).