Team Win’s TWRP recovery comes with more features than you’ll probably ever use. In the early custom recovery days, it was all about Koush’s ClockworkMod recovery. While it is still many people’s favorite recovery, the masses generally have flocked toward TWRP recovery instead, thanks to its touch-based user interface. With the touch user interface, we can physically tap buttons on the mobile device’s display when it is running the TWRP custom recovery, With CWM recovery ,we cannot do that. All button scrolling and confirming is done with the Volume buttons and the Power button. While it seems a bit outdated, it’s still a custom recovery that lets you do everything you need.

Having a custom recovery installed doesn’t have much in common with getting root access. The rooted Android operating system means you can begin installing root apps and the custom recovery image is typically used for flashing new ROMs. You don’t need to have root access before you can flash new ROMs which is why the two are not as connected as people think.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Getting a custom recovery image installed on an AT&T device is often very challenging because the American carrier doesn’t like letting people get in control of the root user account. They prefer locking you into the environment they want you to use because it allows them to make more money from your face.

Files Required

  • Download the TWRP recovery from this page.
  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers.
  • Download the Odin flashing tool — any version of Odin will be fine.
  • These are the steps to install TWRP recovery on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 with the model number G925A. All the AT&T variants of the S6 come with that same model number. You can check yours by pointing to the Apps > Settings App > About Device.

How to Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung Galaxy S6 Model Number (G925A AT&T)

  1. Download the TWRP recovery to the computer. It will download above the taskbar.
  2. Click over the small arrow on the right side of that download.
  3. Choose the ‘show in folder’ option.
  4. Those who do not see the download above the taskbar will find the TWRP file in the downloads folder by default.
  5. From the downloads folder, drag the TWRP file over to the desktop.
  6. Right-click the file and choose “extract here”.
  7. You should now see the TWRP recovery .img file on the desktop. Now you can use that file in the Odin flashing tool.
  8. Extract the Odin flashing tool the same way you did the custom recovery file.
  9. Double-click the Odin file after you extracted it and it will run the program on your computer.
  10. Click the AP button in the Odin tool. If you cannot see any AP button, look for the PDA button.
  11. Browse the desktop for the TWRP recovery file.
  12. Once you can see the TWRP file extension is loaded in the Odin tool, click the Start button.
  13. Odin is now flashing that custom recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.
  14. You can unplug the smartphone after you see the pass message and your device reboots. If it doesn’t reboot automatically, you’ll need to reboot it manually.

That is all you need to have the TWRP Recovery installed on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone. The custom recovery image has now replaced the stock recovery as you can only have one of them installed on the device at a time. You can use the same hardware keys that you used to get into the stock recovery to get into the custom recovery now. Alternatively, if you have root access, you can try installing something like the Quick Boot application from the Google Play Store.

The custom recovery is all you need to start installing the custom ROMs and the custom kernels on the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone. The root access is so you can start installing and running the apps that require root access for them to run.

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