The Google Now work is acknowledged to XDA Developers’ participant febycv, who has realized out a way to set up the function on those operating AOSP-based Ice Lotion Food ROMs. The series of set up is none-too challenging, and includes little more than changing the develop.prop information file.

Those having examined how to install Google Now out so far have produced combined outcomes, thus we only suggest setting up on a program which is not your everyday car owner. To prevent any prospective concerns with balance, febycv indicates customers return changes made to the develop.prop once the app has been set up.

Google Now

The following are the actions to get you up and operating. As regular, continue at your own danger. We will not be attributed for any information reduction or program breakdown because of following this guide.

How to Install Google Now on Android Ice Cream Sandwich Rooted Devices

Step 1. Hook up your ICS program to your pc.

Step 2. Start Main Traveler, and look through to the /system folder

Step 3. Within the directory, you will see develop.prop. Start it in a written text modifying program such as Text Manager.

Step 4. Make sure = 16, after which, you will need to hit “Save.”

Step 5. Browse to /system/app and relabel GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk to GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk1

Step 6. Restart your program, then set up the needed app which can be downloadable from the XDA line.

Step 7. Lastly, modify the develop.prop again with a written text writer and make sure = 15 before restarting once more.

And that is it. Your program should now be operating a relatively efficient edition of Search engines Now.