Twitter is a really great social networking site. Over the years it has grown to be one of the biggest websites in the world. It has been predicted to grow bigger than Facebook, and although that hasn’t happened just yet, it is very close to it. If you assess Alexa ranking Facebook is ahead with 2 while Twitter has 8.

However, if you look at page rank, Twitter has 10 and Facebook only 8. This page rank of 10 for twitter is the first ever perfect page rank I have ever seen with all of my web browsing. Not even Google itself — who creates page rank –- has a page rank of 10.

With that said, Twitter still frustrates many people. The main culprit for this is the fact that Twitter only allows an amount of characters to be typed into a message. If you are used to using Facebook – where you can post much more – it can be very frustrating trying to get a message across on Twitter. It is understandable  why Twitter does this, the reason being it can get very cluttered with messages as it is let alone having people write more in a post. But that doesn’t solve the problem. The only real solution there is naturally, is to give a “to be continued” signed and write them another message. But this feature is not ideal, especially if it is an important message. Thankfully though, there are ways around this problem so that you can post longer tweets on twitter.

The first way to post longer tweets on twitter is by a service called long tweets. The way long tweets works is it turns your message into a picture message. This picture will now be displayed on your Twitter timeline as though it was a message sent, thus making the entire message view-able to your audience.

Long Tweets app

The next solution, is to use a service called tall tweets. Tall tweet lets you send tweets as you normally would with the to be continued nature, but it ensures that your tweets stay in correct order and posted directly one after the other. The result being a product that doesn’t differ much from the standard tweet, but it does all the separating and ordering for you automatic, so there is no need to do anything but say your normal message. Even though its very similar to the task you could do yourself, it takes away any of the pressure and works quite well. So when you hear the name tall tweets, don’t think of taller letters, but instead think of tweets stuck together one after the other making it taller.

Tall Tweets

The save the best for last solution would bu for those who happen to use Mozilla Firefox. if you use this web browser then you are lucky enough to have an extension you can download called shorttxt. This extension, once downloaded, will let you post tweets more than 140 characters long.

These three services are the only services that are currently available to normal users. However if you are into hacking such as jailbreaking and rooting your devices, you will find a bunch of cool tweaks and apps that can also help you in other ways.

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