Team Win’s TWRP recovery is the first custom recovery to come with a touch user interface. With CWM recovery, we must use the Volume keys to scroll up and down through the menus. With TWRp recovery, however, we can see the button on the device’s display and press them just like we would most programs on a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Files You Need

  • Download the CWM recovery file you need from this link.
  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers.
  • You do not need the Odin flashing tool for this guide.
  • These are the steps to install ClockworkMod on the Samsung Galaxy S6 G900F.
  • You must have a Windows PC to use this guide. It’s possible to extract the file using a different operating system, but our steps only work with the Microsoft Windows versions.

Installing CWM Recovery On The Samsung Galaxy S6 G900F

  1. Download the ClockworkMod recovery file on the Windows PC.
  2. You should see it download above the taskbar on the bottom of the computer display.
  3. Click the mouse over the right side of that file where there is a small arrow. You can only do it after you can see the download is finished.
  4. Choose the ‘show in folder’ option.
  5. You should now see the download location of the CWMK recovery file. By default it is set to the downloads folder if you cannot get the above step to work.
  6. Now drag the CWM recovery file from the downloads folder over to the desktop.
  7. Right-click the mouse over the file on the desktop and choose the ‘extract here’ option.
  8. The Windows OS will now extract the file and you’ll see the CWM recovery file end up on the desktop.
  9. Connect the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone to the computer.
  10. Double-click the CWM recovery file and the program will run on the computer. (1-click-CWM-recovery-installer.bat)
  11. Now just follow the instructions to complete the custom recovery installation on your Galaxy S6.

Now that you have a custom recovery installed on the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, you can install a custom ROM. You can get access to the custom recovery a few different ways. If you cannot use the buttons, try downloading an app from the Google Play Store. The Quick Boot app is popular if you have root access already. The button combination for recovery mode is usually Volume Up + Home + Power for Samsung devices.