These are the instructions to install a custom recovery on the Samsung Galaxy A3 smartphone. A custom recovery is necessary if you want to flash a custom ROM. In addition to installing custom ROMs, a custom recovery can help you take a NANDroid backup. If backing up and installing ROMs isn’t your thing, you can often get root access after installing a custom recovery. It all depends on what the rooting method is and if you need to get access to the recovery mode.

The guide is installing the TWRP recovery on the Galaxy A3. If you wanted a different custom recovery such as CWM recovery, you’ll need a different guide.

Samsung Galaxy A3

The Files You Need

  • Download the custom recovery from here.
  • Download Odin from here. Choose one of the later versions since the A3 is a newer device. Also, download the Samsung drivers.
  • The guide is made for the Samsung Galaxy A3 with model numbers A300H, A300F and A300FU. Do not try flashing the custom recovery file on a different device. You can check the model number of your As by heading to the Settings > About Device.
  • You must use this guide with a Windows PC. Any Windows operating system apart from Windows RT working on some Microsoft Surface tablets will work fine.

Installing a custom recovery on the Samsung Galaxy A3

  1. Unzip the custom recovery (TWRP Recovery) file to the desktop of the PC.
  2. Unzip the Odin flashing tool and double-click to run the program.
  3. You should now have Odin open and waiting, and the TWRP recovery file on the desktop already extracted.
  4. Boot the Samsung Galaxy A3 to download mode. Start with the phone off, then press and hold the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons.
  5. Release the buttons when you see the warning message on the display. Now press the Volume Up button.
  6. Connect the Samsung Galaxy A3 to the computer where the custom recovery is waiting.
  7. Click the PDA/AP button in Odin and browse the desktop for the TWRP file.
  8. Click the Start button and Odin will now flash the TWRP recovery to your device.
  9. Wait until you see the pass message.
  10. Unplug from the computer and enjoy your new and improved recovery.

What is more, you can easily boot the Samsung Galaxy A3 smartphone into the custom recovery mode using the hardware keys or apps from the Google Play Store.