The Motorola Moto G is my personal favorite cheap smartphone because it’s not that far away from being like it’s Daddy Moto X smartphone. After you buy the Moto G you’ll notice from websites such as eBay that the value doesn’t really go down that much. That’s another great reason why you should think about buying the Moto G if that’s the kind of price you are looking to pay. Even though the resale value is high, there are some common tricks you can do that makes your phone sell for more money if you were to sell it. These are the three common tips for increasing the value of your Moto G:

The best way to increase the value of the Motorola Moto G is to unlock the smartphone so it’s carrier-free and not locked down to Verizon, T-Mobile or any other network. You can do that by installing an unlock code. The other two ways include unlocking the bootloader and gaining root access. You can learn more about those after the drop.

Motorola Moto G

Unlock the Bootloader

Your device always starts with a locked bootloader. That’s like saying the booting process is locked down so we cannot alter it. However, those people who enjoy installing a custom ROM and so forth require the bootloader to be unlocked. Therefore, if you are into modifying the smartphone in any way, this is the first step to take. Would that reduce the value? No, just unlocking the bootloader by itself doesn’t scare people away and it doesn’t give the Moto smartphone a less than premium feel.

The guide here teaches you how to unlock the Bootloader of any Motorola device.

Rooting the Moto G

Not everyone wants to have root access on their Moto G. In fact, half of the people looking at your device specs won’t even know what that means. That said, there’s little question how popular rooting the Android smartphone is around the world and you have a better chance of getting higher bids if it does come with the internal system unlocked.

Here’s how to root the Moto E XT1063 on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Turn on your device, navigate to Settings > About Device and look at the model number. If you have the same model number as XT1063, you can follow that guide.

Unlock so it’s carrier-free

Unlocking the Moto G so it’s not tied down to any phone carrier network. This is the main thing you should do that increases the value. Not everyone is interested in rooting their phone, but it does take more work. Heaps more people are interested in having the smartphone unlocked because they might be living in a different area to you and the service might be different where they are compared to where you are. What does that mean? Well, it means that the carrier network you were locked with might not work well for them so they’ll prefer the unlocked variant of the Moto G.