All the latest social networks can be fun to use and the last thing we want to do is stop using them. So when you come across lots of information you have posted that you previously

thought were private and now feel violated you no longer have to boycott twitter at least.


Yep, it’s true; information that you have posted on either Facebook and or Twitter can just pop up on Google after a friendly search of the users name. Which posts will appear is anyone’s guess, but fact remains it does happen. Today we have a solution of how to hide tweets from Google.

The first tip is to get creative with your name. For example if your name is joe bob, whatever you do don’t use @joebob for a twitter username. This is a recipe for disaster and will be a future employers dream on catching any dirt on you. Instead, use a name that’s completely irrelevant to who you are.

Along the same lines as username, it’s also a good idea to go into your profile and change your listed name. having a name like @creative idea but then still having your real name in your profile can still cause problems. Not as many problems, but you wont have complete animosity.

If you do change these ideas and then find that the problem still exists, don’t worry, be sure to wait a while. Whether its days or weeks, Google will take some time to update the current information. After all, there are over a  hundred million web pages in existence.

Additionally, if there is information that is already out in the open and you indeed want it gone, then follow this next step also. Copy the URL of the page you want gone then follow the steps located on this official Google page from the link provided. The link will show you how to get rid of an outdated page. Follow the guidelines to another page where you can submit your case and details to have it personally removed from Google.