If your Motorola Moto E lags so much, launching of any app is delayed or you are unable to multitask on your device or you had purchased a second-hand Moto E, in both ways, you have to clear all of your phone’s data and factory reset your phone so you can use your phone like new. Today I’ll tell you how to hard reset your Moto E. In this tutorial I will tell you how to hard reset your device easily and without any risk. So stay tuned and read all parts of this article carefully.

You should know that hard reset is a normal option present on your Moto E’s settings, so you can hard reset or factory reset your phone any time and on any device. So by factory resetting or hard resetting your phone you are not going to perform any illegal or risky process on your device. In this tutorial I’m also going to tell you an alternate way with which you can factory reset or hard reset your device and this process is also not risky or unofficial.

Motorola Moto E

If you are an advance user then you should know this alternate way of hard resetting or factory resetting your device because then you will also fix your bricked device (in some cases). When you are installing any custom ROM, custom Kernels, themes zip file or rooting your device, then also you have to do this factory reset or hard reset your device before performing these type of actions.

You probably do not know that factory resetting or hard resetting your device wipes all the data stored on your phone’s internal memory. So you should backup your important data stored on your phone. You should sync all of your contacts in Google account so you can never lose then ever. You should also backup your media files like photos, videos and document files to your PC or any other external drive (note that this factory reset will wipe your SD card so better take it out before this or backup SD card’s data also) so you can’t lose them. You can also backup your important apps using the Titanium Backup app (this app needs root access) available in Google Play store for free and restore them back after you reset your phone.

Your phone should have charged to at least 60% of battery before performing this process so that your phone won’t turn off accidentally during this process. One more thing is that this process is only for Motorola Moto E so do not try to do this on any other android device or Motorola variant or you may lose your phone (temporarily bricked).

Steps to Hard Reset Moto E using Recovery

  1. First turn your phone off by pressing and holding the power key for 3 seconds and select “Power Off” from the power menu displayed.
  2. Boot your Moto E to Fastboot mode.
  3. When in Fast Boot mode, highlight “Recovery” using volume down key and press volume up key once.
  4. When you see an android logo, press and hold the volume up and down keys together until you see a screen with some options (this is recovery mode).
  5. In recovery mode, you have to navigate the menu using volume up and down key and select using power key.
  6. Now select the option says “wipe data factory reset” and confirm the step and perform “wipe cache partition” in the same way.
  7. Now go to “advanced” menu and perform “wipe dalvick cache” and confirm the step.

Factory Reset your Moto E Using Settings

  1. Go to your phone’s settings.
  2. Navigate to “Backup and Reset”.
  3. Now tap on “Factory Reset”.
  4. Confirm the pop-up up message.
  5. Now your phone will reboot automatically.

Now your phone has been reset to factory settings. From now you can use your phone as new. If you are having any issues with any step listed in this tutorial then you can post them in the comment section below. And don’t forget to like and share this tutorial with others.