If you had just switched to Motorola Moto E from any other operating system like iOS or Windows Phone, then this Android OS will take some time until you learn all about it in the post. Today I’ll tell you one of the basic things that you can try with your Moto E smartphone. If you don’t know that your phone has some hidden options on that don’t worry I’ll tell you about that. One of those modes is called Fastboot mode. Today I’ll tell you how to boot your device to this Fastboot mode.

Fastboot mode is a hidden mode on Android devices (in Samsung devices, they call it download mode). This mode is basically a gateway to go to some other hidden menus like recovery mode, factory mode and BP tools. These other modes are very much helpful to developers and some advanced Android users (they know what they are doing with their phone). Recovery mode is used to perform some actions like factory reset your phone, install OTA update file on your phone and much more.

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Don’t worry you are going to perform any illegal or risky operation to your phone by booting it to Fastboot mode. This is only a hidden menu on your phone with which you can do the actions I told you before. This process can be done easily and without using any third-party application.

This process of rebooting to Fastboot is only for Motorola Moto E only. Do not try this on any other Motorola or android variant device or your device would be in a big trouble.

After in Fast Boot mode do not access any option if you don’t know about it or you may lose your phone’s warranty or anything wrong could happen to your device.

Steps to Reboot Moto E to Fastboot Mode

  1. Turn your phone off completely, press and hold the power key until you see a power menu with “Power Off” option. Now tap on that option and wait until your phone will be powered off completely.
  2. Wait for some time.
  3. Now press the power key, volume up key and volume down key together.
  4. Release the keys when you see the fast boot mode (menu with options saying recovery, factory, bar code and many more).
  5. Now you are in Fast Boot mode, this mode don’t have a touch screen feature so you have to navigate with the Volume Down key and select with volume up key.

Now you can boot any option you want like recovery and more. The Mode can be accessed anytime on your phone this won’t void your device warranty or anything like that.

If you are facing any problems booting your phone in recovery mode you can share them in the comment section below. Do like and share this article with your friends.