Google+ is a recent launch by Google; it’s a social networking service similar to Facebook. However, some other unique features make it more useful than Facebook. Google hasn’t announced any separate domain for this service; it uses the subdomain – Any user who registers for this service gets an username in the format of the subdomain followed by some numbers. It is somehow difficult to share your profile URL to your friend either by mouth or by phone because you can’t speak those long letters to your friend and the chances are high that a number could be wrong-written. As every problem has a solution, then why not for this. There is a site exist which lets you shrink your Google+ profile URL and make it as per your wish. is a free service allowing the users to short their Google+ profile URLs and to make them rememberable. This way, you can share your Google+ profile URL with anyone without having the chances of mistyped URL. To get started, just follow the basic steps given below. In the end, you will be having a cool username for your Google+ profile.


How to Get Cool Username for your Google+ Profile

1. Go to In the Nick Name field, enter the desired short username which you want to have.

2. Fill your current Google+ profile ID in the second box. See below picture to learn how to detect your profile ID.

3. Hit the add button.


Now, you will be presented with your desired Google+ Profile Short URL. You can share this with your friends, relatives, and on Twitter, too.