The Android KitKat version of Android software has been available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 consumers for a while now. The improved version of software comes with may features and exclusivity. However, it certainly isn’t free from bugs and it still need some time and work to polish its features. The common bug problems and their quick solutions are listed down below.

Galaxy S4

Battery Life

Most people report that the battery life of their devices has increased to a certain level after installing Android KitKat while others who complain that the software is draining their battery more than ever. The reason being that there are some apps that drain the battery more than the usual one’s do. You’ll need to find these apps and delete them. The other option is of factory reset. Touch on your app icon from your Home Screen and tap on Settings. Go to User and Backup section and tap on Backup and Reset. Touch the Factory Reset Data option and hit Factory Reset. Click on Delete All to confirm. Beware that this action will erase all the data and apps existing on your device.

Lock Screen

The unresponsive or black lock screen is a common reported issue with the KitKat users. The screen becomes unresponsive when you try to swipe your phone to unlock the lock screen. Eradicate the issue by: Setting > Lock screen > Lock screen widgets > Clock/Personal message > Clock.

Email Sync

If you’re being able to sync your email to your device which is running on KiKat 4.4.2 than this issue can be solved by navigating to the Settings and then tapping on Data Usage. Go to Menu and check the Auto Sync Data Option.

Deleted Apps:The other major bug is the apps that are lost/deleted after the you’ve installed the KitKat version. You’ll have to manually resolve this by installing the lost apps.

Contact List

The contact list gets damaged and contact once you upgrade your device to KitKat. You can easily get back to your contact list. Go to Account option in your Settings menu. Tap on Email accounts and then Options. Turn Off the Contact Sync and turn it on again after a bunch of seconds. Your pervious contact list shall be restored.


The slow and sluggish performance is another issue occurring in Samsung Galaxy S4 running on the latest Android version. Solve this bug by using the Factory Reset method stated above.