Recovery mode on your Android device is a just another bootable partition that has recovery module installed. Recoveries are for many reasons like flashing custom ROMs, custom kernels, patches and many more. All Android devices comes preloaded with their specific stock recoveries.

Stock recovery always comes preloaded on your Android device the main purpose of this stock recovery is to wipe your data and install updates. Whenever you factory rest or hard reset your device your device will reboot into recovery mode automatically and wipes all of your data, but this all happens in behind. You can’t see your device’s recovery mode at this time same as when you update your device your phone reboots itself into recovery mode and install that downloaded update package. You can also do that manually by rebooting your device to recovery mode and perform various task. Stock recovery don’t have touch screen feature, you just have to navigate through the menu with your device’s volume keys and select by home key (physical key if your phone has it) or power key.


Custom recovery are custom-made recoveries made by some third-party developers to perform various tasks other than the stock one. You can install custom ROMs, patches, themes and can tweak your android device in many way. Custom recoveries sometime comes with touch screen feature like TWRP and PhilZ recovery. You can also backup your whole firmware before installing any custom ROM so you won’t loose your previous ROM and restore it if any thing wrong happens.


Boot HTC One S to Recovery Mode Using Hardware Key Combination.

  1. Power off your device completely.
  2. Now press and hold volume down key and press power key once.
  3. After you reach to a screen with option “boot to recovery mode” press volume down key to navigate and press power key to select on this screen.
  4. After you select “boot to recovery mode” you will be in recovery mode in no time.

Boot your HTC One S to Recovery Mode Using Quick Boot Application.

You can boot your HTC one S to recovery mode by installing Quick boot(reboot) application available on Google Play Store. This app needs root so use this app at your own risk.

  • Install this Quick boot app launch it.
  • Now tap on reboot to recovery option and you your phone will reboot automatically to recovery mode.

Boot your HTC One S to Recovery Mode Using ROM Manager.

ROM Manager is an application you can install on your HTC One S using this Google Play Store link.

  • Launch ROM manager application.
  • Tap on “boo tot recovery mode” on main menu.
  • Now your phone will turn off and boots to recovery mode automatically.

There are more applications available on Google Play store to boot to recovery mode you can use them too. Some custom ROMs have option to reboot device to recovery mode in power menu, for that you just need to click and hold your devices power key, power menu will appear on your device, Now you can choose “Reboot” then “Recovery mode” and you will be in recovery mode in no time.