If you are an iOS user and upgraded the firmware as soon as iOS 7 came out, you’d know that it had its fair share of issues to boot. Most of which were just bugs and things of that nature, though, so there was nothing that could be done but wait for another firmware version to roll out on top of it. The fruit company did manage to do exactly that, and many problems were done and dusted.

There were some other bugs, though, in the system which could not be ironed out; they were too big. A fair chunk of users are reporting problems with the iMessage service inside of iOS 7. The problem only started taking place after the upgrade took place, thus making it an issue on the new firmware. Now, luckily, a fix is in that requires a manual workaround method, and not simply waiting for another upgrade of the software.

Here’s how to fix iMessages not working with iOS 7:

1. Take off the iMessage service by deactivating it. To do this go to settings and then messages. In here will be the options.

2. Now we want to reset the iPhone’s network settings. This is achieved by going to settings> general> reset. This will reset everything to do with your connections also, such as WiFi hotspots. Not a big deal, because you can go back and add in the information again and away you go like you were before.

3. Go back into the settings and reactivate the iMessage service app.

By doing these three simple steps we have basically reset everything, so it should work fine again. There was no real bug in the system, which is why it could not be fixed in the update. There were just some issues in the transfer over to the new software.

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