Apple’s 64-bit A7 processor has been labelled a shame today by Qualcomm’s senior vice president, Anand Chandrasekher. He states that there is little to no benefit at all to come from using this in the new iPhone 5S. He goes on to explain that this would only be of benefit to apps that use a large server and that there really aren’t many, if any at all, that this would help in the current app stores.

When Apple released the new range of iPhone’s they were quickly slammed by consumers as not having enough on board to be a big enough of a deal to matter. Apple had the fingerprint sensor and the new, faster processor; this A7 chip, to show off to the world and that was all. Apple stated that the chip would be of use with the new iOS 7, and that would run better with the new 64-bit inside.

Qualcomm was recently asked if they would be producing a similar chip in the near future, in which Anand reiterated his earlier response that it would make no sense to do so.

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