If you are the owner of an Android smartphone and haven’t exported your contact list to your internal SD card then stop, read this procedure, and do it now. It’s a good habit to get into because you never know when the unthinkable will happen and you might lose all your contacts for good.

It isn’t complicated to accidentally erase your contacts from your smartphone, but when it does happen it sure is difficult trying to collect all that information again.  Ensuring you export all of your important contacts to your SD card every few months on your Android smart phone is a sure-fire way to save you a lot of headaches if does get wiped.

How to Export Contacts From Android to SD Card

Step 1. From the home screen, tap on the ‘Contacts’ icon to open it up.

Step 2. Next you will need to press the ‘Menu’ key. This should populate a list with some options.

Step 3. Tap on the ‘Import/Export’ option which should be located on the bottom left.

Step 4. A new list will populate with a range of options regarding where the contacts should be exported too. You need to choose the ‘Export to SD card’ option.

Step 5. Tap ‘OK’ to confirm your selection.

All of the contacts that are saved to your Android Smartphone will now be saved on your internal SD card. This process may take a few moments. Now if the unthinkable does happen and you need to save your contacts back onto your Android smartphone from your SD card follow the guide  below.

When the process is complete you will be able to see all the contacts that you have imported to your Android smartphone.