With the release of Ironman 3 becoming  many people are starting to think about their favourite marvel comic heroes again. The incredible hulk is one of them and if you are into technology you will be pleased to know you can now write on the Hulk Smash font which is the one of the two fonts. I spoke of Iron Man already when thinking about the hulk and coincidentally, these fonts have been brought out by the iron manic designer, Gene Buban. To get a sneak peek of what the font looks like just check out the picture below.

The font, as far as we know, is all set in upper-case and resemble rather thick letters much like the Hulk would be if he came in letter form. As we previously mentioned, there is two different fonts, both of which are on display in this image. The first font known as solid form and the second known as smash form, shown in the image above as having cracks through it as if the Hulk has gone to town on the writing.

Both fonts give off a good traditional sense of the Hulk.

Although there is only two fonts in the application, you can choose from a variety of colours.

Download The Incredible Hulk Fonts smash and solid.