If your lucky enough to be running Android latest offering on your device, than learning how to enable multiple users on Jelly Bean Devices is a must. Ever had to hand your Android smartphone over to a friend or family member and been concerned about them having access to your private information? Or that they will change your data/ settings? Well thanks to the XDA portal we now have the how to guide for it.

Please note that your device must first be rooted to be able to enable multiple users on your device.  If it is not already, you can follow one of our guides to achieve root access.

How To Enable Multiple Users On Android Jelly Bean Devices

Step 1. Download the following :

  • Terminal Emulator App HERE

Step 2. Once you have downloaded and installed the Terminal Emulator App on your Jelly Bean device, simply head to the App Drawer and open it.

Step 3. After the app has successfully launched you will need to enter the following commands to enable multiple users:


pm create-user test

Step 4. Now this will enable multiple users with an account named ‘Test’ to your device. We will need to gain access to the new account by holding down the ‘Power button for a few moments until the following ‘Power menu’ screen appears:

Step 5. You will then need to press the ‘Test’ option next to the multi-user symbol. This will bring you to a brand new home screen which the new user can customise to their hearts desire without messing up any of your settings.

If at any stage you wish to delete the extra account it is just as simple as creating it.

Step 1. Open the Terminal Emulator App again

Step 2. Entre the following commands:


pm remove-user 1

This will permanently delete the extra account from your device.

You have the power to change the wallpaper, add and remove widgets and complete phone related tasks.