It’s common knowledge that when you purchase a new smartphone it is going to come with a selected few pre-installed applications. Android smartphones are no exception to this rule and come with a range of pre-installed system applications. Some of these stock applications aren’t always necessary and can become a nuisance for Android users and unfortunately there is no method to uninstall them.

Well, that was until Android released Ice Cream Sandwich. The latest version of Androids OS has made it possible to disable stock applications freeing up space and dealing with multiple sign-in problems from conflicting apps. We have the procedure below to show how you can disable stock apps on Android ICS

Please note, it is important not to disable apps such as Google Play Store. These are key apps that can affect how other related apps behave.

Step 1. From your Android device’s home screen select ‘Settings’ then ‘Apps’.

Step 2. You need to located the ‘All’ option which is usually in the form of a tab located at the top of the screen. Some users may need to scroll across to see it.

Step 3. A list of your apps will populate. Select the app you want to disable by opening up the details section.

Step 4. From here you will need to simply select the ‘Disable’ button (this option will only appear for stock apps).  A warning message will be displayed advising you on the possibility of other apps misbehaving if you continue with the disabled option. Select ‘OK’ to permanently disable the stock app.

You will no longer be able to see it in your device’s App drawer, it will be gone. However, if you ever start missing it and want to enable it in the future, follow the same steps but select the ‘Enable’ button instead from the app info page.