Learning about importing and exporting data on your Mac OS X can be one of the most important things you can do if you are someone who uses your Mac regularly. Similarly, one of the most common things people choose to import and export would be the contacts list. Though many would argue the people deeply immersed in technology often lack enough of a social life, it’s often the technology enthusiasts who are the ones who have their social lives in best order online thanks to their handy work around an operating system.

Here’s how you too can be handy around your Mac OS X operating system by learning how to expect the contacts from Mac OS X:

OS X El Capitan

Exporting All Contacts from a Mac OS X

  1. Start off by opening the contacts application from your OS X. You can find it from Spotlight or Launchpad.
  2. Click over the All Contacts from the menu.
  3. Press the Command + A on the keyboard to select all the contacts.
  4. Click over the File menu and scroll down until you can see where it says Export.
  5. Here is where you have a couple of neat options. You can choose to Export vCard or the Contact Archive. We recommend you choose the Export vCard option for maximum compatibility opportunities later.
  6. Create a file name for your contacts and choose to save it to the desktop so you can easily find them later.

You should find the aforesaid method above for exporting all the contacts working for most versions of the OS X operating systems, including the current and latest El Capitan.