The following guide demonstrates how to access a stock recovery mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The recovery mode is where you recover your device if you want to take a factory reset. It’s also the place where you can wipe and clear the caching. The stock recovery mode comes pre-installed with all Android operating systems and is considered an important part of the Android OS.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Files You Need

  • You don’t need any files if you are using the simple hardware button pushes. However, you do need to install the Android SDK on a Windows computer if you want to access the recovery mode on the Note 5 that way.
  • If all else fails, you can always install some apps from the Google Play Store. The Play Store has just about everything covered; from games to your everyday needs — including recovery mode apps. They even have apps to boot in a custom recovery for rooted users. Just type ‘recovery’ in the Google Play search field to bring up a list of available apps.

Entering the Recovery Mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  1. Start by turning off the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 completely if it is currently powered up.
  2. You can turn if off by long-pressing the Power key or by a quick press and choosing the Off option.
  3. Reboot the Note 5 holding the Power + Home + Volume Up buttons.
  4. Your device will now reboot in the recovery mode.
  5. If you have difficulty pressing your keys, or you don’t have the hand-eye coordination to get the job done, you can install Android SDK from the links above.
  6. Open the folder of Android SDK once you download it on the computer.
  7. Hold the Shift key on the keyboard and right-click an empty space in the folder.
  8. A new menu will come up on the screen of the computer.
  9. Choose to open a new command prompt window here from that menu.
  10. Now you need to type the command: “adb reboot recovery”.
  11. The Samsung galaxy Note 5 will now boot to the recovery mode.