If you are certain the Motorola Moto X has a virus or just a bug you want to get out of the system, you can anytime enter the recovery mode. From within the recovery mode, you can wipe the cache partition to remove the system data mainly brought over from apps. Applications are the most common place users will pick up malware from online. You can sometimes be unlucky enough to download malware from the Google Play Store as a free app or other disguised viruses. If clearing the cache partition doesn’t fix your problem, you can wipe the data and factory reset. The factory reset options are the same as a hard reset or a master reset where we wipe and reset the Motorola Moto X clean so it’s the same way it was out of the box. The only potential problem with taking the factory reset is that your data is wiped and you must back up the data beforehand.

Once you have applied the factory reset you can apply the reboot system options to reboot your device. Now you should have your problems solved. Those still facing problems after applying factory resets should navigate to the Settings > About Device > Software > Check for software updates. You might be lucky enough to have a software update available. These software updates can bring about new features to your device, but most often they bring out bug fixes to known bugs found within the older software version.

Moto X gen 2

If you have updates the software and taken a factory reset, you should try sending it away for a free repair under warranty and get a professional to look at the device. Those without a warranty can still get it looked at; however, they will not fix it for free.

Entering Recovery Mode On The Motorola Moto X 2015

  1. Start off by making sure your Moto X is off; do that one of two ways. You can long-press the Power button and wait until the smartphone turns completely off, or you can quickly press the Power button just once and wait until you see the ‘Switch Off’ option on the display and press it.
  2. Press the Power + Home + Volume Down keys at the same time and do not let go of the keys for at least 4 seconds.
  3. Release the three keys and you will see a boot menu on the display of your smartphone.
  4. Press the Volume Down key to scroll through the boot menu and stop when you get to the highlighted Recovery Mode.
  5. Confirm you want to enter that same recovery mode by pressing the Volume Up key just once.
  6. Now that you are inside, you can perform any action that you normally can from a recovery mode on Android.
  7. Once you are done, press the ‘Reboot System Now’ option from the recovery mode menu.