Picasa is a photo sharing a website from Google, having many features for the users. It allows you to create albums on the fly, upload pictures into them and download them when you want. If you ever accidentally delete photos from your hard drive, then you can have the online backup with Google Picasa. Currently, it gives you space of 1GB, which is good enough for the photos. However, you can always upgrade to the premium account if you need more space.

Let’s come to the point, with having photos in your Picasa Web Album; you might want to embed them on your site. For this, Picasa has very easy solution which lets you embed Picasa photos on your site. Here go the steps to embed Picasa photos on your site.


Embedding the Picasa photos slideshow on your website

1. Go to Picasa Web and then choose your photo album.

2. On the right sidebar, you can see the option saying Link to this album. Click on it.

3. Now, a menu will fall, choose the Embed Slideshow option.

4. It will pop out a dialog box, just set the settings as per your choice and see the preview on the right side.

5. Now, in the same dialog box, you can see a code snippet, which you can use to embed photos on your site. Just copy it and paste on your site where you want the slideshow to appear.

6. Be aware that the Picasa uses the Adobe Flash for slideshows, so the visitors must have it installed to see the slideshow.


In conclusion, that is all you need to embed a Picasa photos slideshow into your website. If you are having any trouble while doing this, then let us know by dropping a comment.

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