Windows 8, is the newcomer to the market. It is the most anticipated operating system, and Microsoft has recently released its developer preview, the Windows 8 Developer Preview. This version includes all the features of this latest OS, like Metro Interface and lots more things. Windows 8 is designed for both, PC and Tablets. For maximum convenience, while using Windows 8 on Tablet, it has come up with the Metro Interface. It allows you to control your tablet easily with gestures quickly. Same for the PC, the Metro Interface makes exploring more faster and fun, too.


However, even if the Metro Interface is new in the Windows operating systems, some users do prefer to have the old Windows Start Menu which used to come with the previous Windows versions, such as Windows XP, Windows 7. In Windows 8, Microsoft has not forgotten to add this feature; it has added it. So, getting back the old start menu in Windows 8 is easier, by default, it comes locked in this OS, so you just have to unlock it, and you will have the old Windows Start Menu.


To enable the Older Start Menu in Windows 8, you can take help of the available utilities, which makes the job much faster and easy. A Deviantart user has created an app which has made this job easy. It is available at free of cost and works significantly. You just need to download the app using the link given below and open the app in your Windows 8 OS. You will be presented with an option to choose which menu you would like to have, either Metro or Older Start Menu. It depends on you which one you would like to have. So, go and give it a try.


Download: Windows 8 Start Menu

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