The Nokia X never had intentions of beating the biggest names in the smartphone industry with state of the art features. There’s also nothing wrong with that because statistics has proven that people love a bargain with reduced features as much as they do an expensive flagship. There only problem this time is that the lack of features in the home button that normally Android users use to toggle recent apps is no longer there. Instead, it is replaced with just a single “move back” button to toggle back where you came from much like you would find in your internet browser. We cannot even blame Windows Phone for coming up with this idea either because it stems directly from the brand new Android Nokia 1.0 UI that this range of new mobile phones.

How To Make A Recent Apps List In The Nokia X

1. Download and install the Nova launcher application.

2. Open Nova.

3. Hold the home screen in Nova.

4. Look for a gray list of items popping up called “Add to the home screen.” The first option inside this menu is Nova Actions. Click here.

5. Five places down the next menu are the recent apps options. Click here.

6. It has now moved that menu shortcut to your device home screen where it will be positioned permanently until you choose to remove it.

As you would have noticed when opening Nova it is a very useful tool for many other ideas too. From the first menu, you can add apps, shortcuts, widgets, wallpapers and Nova actions to the home screen. In the Nova actions is: show previews, toggle notification bar, expand notifications default page, jump to page and of course the recent apps which we mentioned during the guide. All of these options can be implemented and used via the same simple method.