Recovery Mode is a separate bootable partition found in your Android operating system. Users can boot to the recovery mode using hardware key commands (the normal keys found on your device). There isn’t a smartphone out there running Android that doesn’t offer the recovery mode. Those of you unable to boot the device into recovery mode can still access the recovery mode by using the command prompt from a computer. You just need to find the lines of code and your device can boot into the said mode.

Most devices running Android have two main recovery partitions available: the one that comes with the device known as stock recovery and the custom recovery that users can install. Once you install a custom recovery, you have a greater amount of features to use. A custom versions lets you install zip files. Those zip files are handy for installing a custom ROM on your device and getting root access if you need to use SuperSU.

Samsung Galaxy Young 2

The part that confuses many people is how to boot into a stock recovery and how to boot into a custom recovery. With Samsung devices, that is often using the same hardware key combination; there is no difference. Thus, if you use the same button combination to enter stock recovery, you will also use the same button combination to get access to a custom recovery. The only difference is you must install a custom recovery first before you can boot into the custom recovery.

How To Enter Recovery Mode On The Samsung Galaxy Young 2

  1. Press the Power key and select the Power off option from the menu.
  2. Those with an unresponsive smartphone display can long-press the Power key until it’s off instead.
  3. Reboot the Samsung galaxy young 2 by holding the Volume Up + Power + Home keys.
  4. Wait until you can see the Samsung logo on the smartphone display before letting go of the three keys.
  5. Now navigate through the options by using the Volume keys.
  6. Confirm what you want from the options by using the Power key.