Recovery mode in Android is a bootable partitioned recovery console. You cannot access the recovery mode unless you either boot into the said mode using the buttons on your smartphone, or using the command prompt from a computer. With recovery mode, we can ‘recover’ the device by taking a factory reset, wipe the data to wipe any potential problems, install official software updates and wipe the cache.

The part that can confuse many is that there are two types of recovery: a stock recovery and a custom recovery. The stock recovery comes stock with your device and can do all of the things I said above. The custom recovery is an additional recovery you can choose to install if you want. The custom version comes with extra options such as installing zip files. It’s those zip files that allow people to install custom ROMs and get root access. The only problem with installing a custom recovery is that you do void the warranty.

Samsung Galaxy Core 2

How To Enter Recovery Mode On The Samsung Galaxy Core 2

  1. Tap the Power key and select the Power off option from the menu.
  2. If you cannot get the smartphone’s display to work, just long-press the Power key until the device is off.
  3. Reboot the Samsung smartphone by pressing the power + Volume Up + Home keys at the same time.
  4. Do not take your fingers off the buttons until you see the screen change. Release the keys when the Samsung logo appears and choose the recovery options from the menu.
  5. Use the Volume buttons to navigate through the options and the Power button to select what you want.