Recovery mode is the mode you must put your Android device in if you want to apply software updates, take a factory reset and recovery your device, wipe the cache partition and wipe the data. People usually want to get access to the recovery mode to literally recovery their devices that are suffering from bugs, lag or might have a virus. By taking the factory reset, you can roll back the clock on the Android operating system and restore the device back the way it was out of the box when you first opened it. Just remember to back up your data before taking the hard reset or else you cannot restore the data. Restoring the data will never result in restoring the same problem you had last time because the problem didn’t lie within your data. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 There are two types of recovery modes one can enter and it all depends on what you have done with your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The stock recovery comes with the Note 2 and you cannot not have the stock recovery unless you override it with a custom recovery. That brings us to custom recoveries. With custom recoveries, we can upload zip files and install custom ROMs. Uploading the zip file also means that we can get root access with SuperSU. If you don’t customize your Android, you won’t understand any of that, but that’s fine. You don’t need to understand it because you access the stock recovery and the custom recovery using the same steps. We’ll show you those steps during the guide.

How To Enter Recovery Mode On The Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  1. Press the Power key just once and select the Power off option from the menu.
  2. If your Sammy Galaxy Note 2 screen is unresponsive, long-press over the Power button for 10 seconds until you know it’s off.
  3. Reboot the Note 2 holding the Power + Home + Volume Up keys.
  4. Keep pressing those same three buttons without letting go until you see the Samsung logo.
  5. Now you can release and select the recovery mode from the menu.
  6. Navigate through the list using the Volume keys and confirm any commands by using the Power key.