Yes, all of us in some point of our lives have had to deal with either a recreational prank caller who seems to have written your number down in a diary, or met that telemarketer that doesn’t seem to leave you alone even when you have said no a thousand times already. Or that relativity new issue of advertisers attempting to send you fax advertisement, so you unplug that fax machine and they still call your home phone on an automated system. No? Just me? Whatever the reason, there is a way you can block these numbers from calling you and even block the SMS texts too!

1. Navigate your way over to the settings.

2. Scroll down until you see call and SMS filter.

3. Hit the button to switch it over to the on position.

4. Back out of there and navigate to the phone app.

5. Scroll to the call history.

6. Now search for the numbers you want blocked. When you find them, tap and hold the button over the number and an option will present itself. Select the block option here.