Even though pebble was a completely independent project funded by Kickstarter, it has done a remarkable job of keeping up to date with Android handsets that is it compatible with. Unless you didn’t like the name or design, there was no reason you wouldn’t be interested in at least trying it out and calling it a possibility when shopping around for your wearable tech round the wrist.

One thing it has never had to date, however, is his ability to run Windows. By using this neat new app you can have the Windows Phone 8 operating system running on the screen of your Pebble watch to go along with your WP8 Smartphone. It’s an unofficial solution and not being from Microsoft themselves, but it does allow for all the same connectivity like social media, emails and notifications that were synced.

To go with all of those usual bells and whistles there is also a status that will prompt you when the internet connection changes, plus 3G and 4G reception. There’s also the battery monitor percentages reach critical levels, or at least critical in your mind, because they give leeway of going up to 50%. From there it will drop down by 10’s.

Windows have a tendency to drop support for operating systems sooner than we as consumers would like. That doesn’t mean it can’t be used, but in terms of them assisting it just won’t happen after a certain period. In this case the Redmond company has come out and said that they will be keeping it going to the Windows Phone 7.8 still. That means that the 8 version, which is a step ahead of that again, will continue to have support for some time still.

The latest working is in a newer bit of software called WP 8.1. It has been released for some devices, but it is still in the testing stages for mobile phones.

There was an official version 1.14 update for this wrist-wear just the other day which we reported on. It came with some good new features like the do not disturb feature. You can read more up on that by checking the posts.

Earlier during 2013 there was a glitch found in this watch by a developer and it was hurting its sales once it was found out about by the public. The glitch was so bad that it would stop the product from working entirely, leaving you with nothing but a funky looking bracelet instead.

Via: PebbleWatchPro